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Meticulous attention to detail sets Avalon Mobile Pet Grooming  apart from other groomers

Most of our clients - and their owners - enjoy the grooming process. When we sense that a pet is apprehensive we use calming signals to relieve the tension and slowly acclimate the pet to the grooming environment. We want the grooming to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. After all, that is the advantage of Avalon Mobile Grooming... no separation anxiety, no noisy grooming shops, no cages, just one-on-one loving care.

Rough cut - performed after the pet is brushed and combed to removes dead hair and tangles. Brushing further relaxes the pet and prepares him to be groomed. During the rough cut the majority of the hair is removed using a Clipper-Vac system. The shears are connected to a central vacuum system that removes pet hair and dander as we use the clippers. The air flowing over the shears keeps the blades cool and prevents clipper burn.

Individualized shampoo treatment is based on the pet's skin and coat condition. FURminator Shedless shampoo treatment may be used, depending on breed. Prior to the bath we protect the eyes from the shampoo by using a lubricating eye ointment. During the bath, the scent glands are expressed. Our bath water is warm, even during the summer months, to prevent the pet from becoming chilled.

During the soaking process the pet receives a full body massage using the Zoom Groom brush to lather up the all natural EarthBath shampoo. After the first rinse, a natural conditioner is added and combed through the coat before the final rinse. Finally, an all natural leave-in conditioner or oatmeal spray is applied as a final step to keep your pet's skin and coat hydrated and healthy.

Blow dry - After toweling the pet, we use our central blow dryer to finish the job while brushing the dog (depends on breed). The motor is location away from the pet so the noise level is relatively low. Careful drying here will assure that the final cutting will go smoothly.

Final cut - the Clipper-Vac system is used to smooth out the cut and shape-up the silhouette of the pet. Scissors add the finishing touch to the legs, feet, ears, and tail. 

Nail trimming - We gently trim the nails and dewclaws and then use a power grinder to file the rough edges. 

Other details - Ears are given a nice rub, cleaned and checked for infection/parasites. The pet's gums are massaged and his teeth are brushed to promote a healthy mouth and fresh breath. A sanitary cut is also given.

Just a hint of pina colada doggie cologne was added as the final touch.


Sharon Cooper, owner
4456 Angie Lane
Pace, FL 32571
Text / Phone: 850-450-6278